Graduation Party Ideas That Don’t Cost Much

Looking for graduation party ideas? Graduation parties are the best time to celebrate your graduates special memories and plans for a bright future.

graduation party ideas

When planning my daughter’s graduation party we came up with a “Keys for Success” theme. There are so many key themed ideas to use for our party it was so much fun planning and making the decorations and favors. Here we will share some of our ideas.

We found a lot of our ideas and supplies from the craft and party stores. If you plan your party way in advance you can stock up on some of the previous year’s graduation clearance sale. I was able to get some of the items from the previous year. The items that just said graduate not the year’s date. Then when my party was approaching I purchased more party items with the Graduation year printed on them.

Here are just some of our graduation party ideas.


Candy Ideas








Reece’s Diploma Hats

To make decorative candies for display and favors we made diploma hats.

We used Reece’s Peanut Butter candies. Cut out some square shapes from colored scrapbook paper. Stay with your color theme or school’s colors. Glue on top of the candy. Now cut out some thin ribbon strips to glue on the corner for the tassel. Take a silver marker and add the year. Also you can use the mini Peppermint Patties candies to mix it up. We placed these in a clear glass container. They made great desserts and party favors for the guest too.

Another use for these paper diploma hats is they can be sat on top of cupcakes for décor.


Smarties, “You’re Such a Smartie!”

With the Smarties candies, just take a plain piece of paper and glue around the wrapper. Write on it, “Your such a Smartie”.


Craft Ideas

Staying with our theme of “Keys for Success” we set up a little table for guest to fill out some graduation advice. We cut up some strips of plain scrapbook paper with edging scissors. We sat them on a small table with a thin maker for guest to fill out. Make a sign from a thicker piece of scrapbook paper or a chalk board sign saying “Share your Keys to Success for the Graduate”. If you have any key decorations from around your home sit them around too.


We had purchased some old keys at our local craft store for this next project. We found an old small frame and took the glass out. Save the back piece of cardboard. We then measured a piece of scrapbook paper to cover and glue to the cardboard. We picked a print to match our theme. Added a “Keys to Success” sign and thumb tacked the keys to it. Now we have another graduation decoration for our table. This simple party decoration also became a keepsake for my daughter to keep and hang in her room.

Other Graduation Party Ideas


There are also other graduation party ideas you could consider. We took the time to hang banners and signs all around our party area. You can string a line of twine across a wall and clothes pins pictures of your graduate from their school days. This was fun looking back over the years. I found extra tassels at the Dollar Tree to display. Made paper covers around the water bottles with the year on them. You can find those silver numbered cookie cutters and lay them out on the table in the year of the graduate.. Fill them with small candies like M&M’s.

We love using our many chalkboards for messages too, the ideas are endless.

The party was a hit. She enjoyed all the special touches and reminiscing her school days.


Graduation Photos


After all of the late night studying, tests and homework, graduation day is finally coming. Time to commemorate the occasion with some photos. But how do you choose the right theme? Which photo will encapsulate your child’s hard work and achievements in academics, sports, or performing arts. When it finally comes down to the big day, you want to make sure the graduation photos are the perfect fit for your child.

Luckily, Tiny Prints put together a list of 100 unique graduation photo ideas. No matter if you choose a formal or casual pose, indoor or outdoor, or a hobby or sport theme photo, this interactive photo generator has ideas for everything. Congratulations!



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