Memory Birthday Party Idea

I decided to throw a small ‘memory birthday party’ for my mom. She was turning 86 years old. The theme we went with was ‘A trip Down Memory Lane’. This party was all about memories. It was fun planning a party about her past.

memory birthday party idea

We used a lot of photos to tie it all together. I preferred the black and white photos to give it a more nostalgic feel. We also incorporated some keepsakes that she had. A favorite mug, a piece of jewelry and so on. We took an older style suitcase and propped it open as a display piece. It looked perfect for our theme.

Some music from her younger days played on in the background. The Frank Sinatra hits were surely a pleaser. We added another special touch with hats. We had everyone where a hat from around the 1940’s era. Some wore the Fedora’s and some in knitted cap styles. These style hats were popular in her younger years. She was so surprised when she walked into the room and saw everyone with the hats on. Of course they are still in style today. A style that still is trendy.


The guest enjoyed looking at all the memory items we displayed. We also used dishes and serving bowls to serve the food and cake that belonged to her from over the years. It was fun thinking of foods and drinks that she had enjoyed from the past. We really tried to think of all her favorites and make it a memorable party.



Final Word: Memory Birthday Party Idea

When you are party planning for a party such as this one you can be so creative. This style theme is not just for birthday parties. They can also be used for graduation parties, retirement parties and so on. You can customize the details to the person you are planning the party for.

Hope you liked our memory birthday party, its just one of many in our party planning section.

Good luck and enjoy planning your next party!


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