Cute Baby Shower Ideas That Save Money

I had the opportunity to plan these cute baby shower ideas when my family had a baby shower for one of my daughters. The great thing about planning a party is that it allows you the opportunity to be creative for those you love!

Using the cute ideas showcased below I was able to successfully pull off an affordable and also memorable baby shower.


Baby Shower Decor Ideas

She was having a boy so I themed it in baby blue and lime green colors. With some “Little Prince” decorations too.

I hung some twine string across the wall and attached new baby bibs with clothes pins. Wah-La, a wall decor and gift in one!

cute baby shower ideas

How about a homemade pennant sign to put on wall behind the food table? Well it was so simple to make. I used scrapbook paper in matching colors of the shower and I cut them in pennant shapes. Then clipped them on some twine with mini clothes pins from the craft store.


I made some big tissue flowers using light blue and light green tissue paper. These are simple to make and look absolutely amazing.


Baby Shower Food Ideas



Food is essential to any party and when doing a frugal party you must find methods to bring-to-life cute baby shower ideas, without breaking the bank. It is actually quite simple.

My daughter, the “Mommie to Be” made iced pretzel sticks. She just warmed up some vanilla candy melts we bought from the craft store and she dipped the pretzel sticks in it and then rolled them in blue sparkles. Then when completely dry she put them in individual clear pretzel bags (from craft store) and tied them with a ribbon.

I also made some homemade blueberry jam and put it in empty baby food jars and around the jar I took ribbon tied a bow. I had my other daughter design and print out labels for the lids. They had the” Mommie to Be” name and Shower written on them plus the year and she even designed a picture with string of bibs on them. So cute!


Another neat idea is to do a candy bar. We did a small one for this shower. I had some different sized jars and I filled them with candy that were blue themed. One was filled with blue and white York Peppermint Patties.

Another with wrapped butter mints with “It’s A Boy” on wrapper. Another one filled with Silver Bells chocolates. We also made the same labels different sizes and printed on sticker paper to put on the bottom of the Silver Bells. The candies looked so beautiful in the clear jars. We also made candy pacifiers.

Baby Shower Game Ideas


For fun I had everyone write a message of advice for the mommy to be on disposable diapers. I set up a area with diapers, marker and a basket to put them in. Some of the messages had great tips for the new baby and some were just comical. What fun it will be when changing those late night diapers and reading the messages.


We filled a clear baby bottle with jellybeans. We had the guest write on a piece of paper and guess how many jelly beans in the bottle. The winner won a basket of lotions and bath goodies I had put together. I rolled up a receiving blanket and wrapped in cellophane.


These add to the decor and also become a gift. We filled a bucket for bath time and even made the daddy-to-be a survival tote. A few items of survival were a clothes pin to clip on his nose when changing diapers. Kitchen tongs to pick up the dirty diaper and more funny items. Daddy was amused.

Final Word: Cute Baby Shower Ideas

Trying to be a frugal party planner can often be a daunting task, I found these simple and cute baby shower ideas to be easy to come up with and bring to life.

One of the major benefits to having the party at home makes it very personalized. We had a blast planning and making our homemade decorations. Some of the food was catered and some was homemade. Even making some of the food it saves you money.

The shower turned out to be a hit.

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