Fathers Day Decoration Ideas

If you’re having trouble coming up with good Fathers Day decoration ideas you might want to consider the party planning approach you take. Using our Fathers Day ideas you can gain a better understanding how to pull party ideas together and throw the perfect party.

fathers day decoration ideas

I wanted to make Fathers Day ideas a little more interesting this year, so I did a Duck Dynasty themed party. First, a few weeks prior to the event I got a tote and started collecting items for my themed party. I looked around the house to see if I could find anything that goes with my theme. I try not to spend too much money and keep it simple yet fun.

Here are some ideas for this style party.

Dollar Store Items

I went to the Dollar Store and found a string of lights in the shape of green leaves. This will go good on the table-scape. Here is the Dollar Store list

  •     Black Plastic Travel Mug – I ran a strip of Camouflage tape around the center.
  •     Camouflage Tape – From the Dollar Zone in Target.
  •     Green Drinking Plastic Cups
  •     Craft Moss – To spread around table.
  •     Plastic Pitcher – I ran a camouflage strip around this and labeled it Sweet Tea!
  •     Camouflage Big Candy Bar – Found a candy bar with camouflage design on it.
  •     Camouflage Gloves
  •     Chip Clips – I covered plain clips with Camouflage scrapbook paper.
  •     Tan Grass Skirt – For table decor.
  •     Green Liquorice



Around the House Items

The following are items we found around the house that were included with our Fathers Day decoration ideas:

  •     Light Brown Linen Tablecloth
  •     Mason Jars and Mason Drinking Mugs
  •     Chalkboard – to write message on (thanks David)
  •     Garden Ceramic Frogs (gifts from Mary)
  •     Green Basket
  •     Green Leaves
  •     Watermelon
  •     Water Bottles
  •     2 battery Operated Lanterns – The type used for storms
  •     Painted Ladybug Rocks – (Thanks Michael)



Craft Store Items 

2 or 3 sheets of camouflage scrap-booking paper and a few tan sheets.

Pack of animal print cup cake liners and toothpicks (I cut out circles of camouflage paper and glued the picks. I used a marker and put sayings on them)


Thrift Store Items

Wooden Painted Duck for $1.00

Boys Camouflage Shirt for .50 – Cut long strips to make bandana’s. (Thanks Amy)


Book Store Items

Duck Dynasty can cozy (one of Dad’s Father’s Day gifts)

Duck Dynasty T-shirt – (Thanks Cristina & David)


Craft How We Put it all Together

A lot of my Fathers Day ideas for this party were from Pinterest. Some were just my good ol’ ideas. I enjoyed this party because our family is a fan of the show.

It was a easy theme to find items for. I looked for items the were not only duck themed but nature themed. I kept the colors greens, browns, tans, mostly earthy colors.

We did a cookout, so the food was simple. Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled corn, cheesy potato casserole and coleslaw. I took scrapbook paper and wrapped a band around some water bottles. I cut out duck silhouette’s and glued them on and wrote ” Duck Commander” I had more bottles and after I took the photo’s I put them on ice in a green bucket.

The cupcakes were iced to look camouflaged. I put some white icing in a bowl and added a few green drops of food coloring.I took a knife and barely swirled the icing around. I then added a spoon full of chocolate icing and swirled a little. It then started to look like camouflage. Don’t over stir it. They ended up being the perfect Fathers Day decorations!

I made a hanging sign across the front of my table and I cutout circles from scrapbook paper and wrote Quack on it. I hole punched them and strung them through twine.

The cupcake picks I covered with camouflage paper. I then wrote some of the shows sayings on them. I wrote ” Happy Happy Happy”, ” Quack Quack Quack” and ” Hey Jack! “.

After all of this, most of our Fathers Day ideas and planning went over well and Dad was very surprised.



Final Word: Fathers Day Decoration Ideas

As demonstrated, you can easily pull off a successful party with simple Fathers Day ideas such as ours. So if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect Fathers Day decoration or party plans, all it takes is a little imagination and some effort to find a great solution.

If you’re also in the neighborhood for good gift ideas, Southern Living highlighted some of the best gifts under $25 for Dads.

While it is wonderful to save money and be more frugal, knowing that you’ve made their special day that much more unique is well worth the time invested in putting all of this together!


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