Cheap Party Ideas Perfect for Any Celebration

Coming up with cheap party ideas that will impress and excite people doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Organizing a party can be a major money saver. I have always loved planning parties and get-togethers, its enjoyable to come up with themes to make them fun and memorable.

I always did this for my children’s birthday parties and other family events. Its actually very simple and common sense, determine the theme and build around it with unique ideas.

Cheap Party Ideas


Coming up with a Party Location and Theme

Some ideas I use are mine, some are from magazines, DIY shows and even Pinterest. I started using Pinterest when it first began and since then have found it to be a great source for party planning ideas.

Most of my children have had birthday parties home, these were all before Pinterest and other idea-outlets like Pinterest. Though, to be fair we did have some of the kids parties out at ice skating rinks, bowling, Chuckie Cheese’s etc.

I just loved planning and preparing for their parties. For example, we had Barbie, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan/Pirates, Ninja Turtles and many more. The kids that came were always happy with the decorations and fun games I would come up with.

Understanding how to organize a party at home will be fun can still be had while and they get to play in a relaxed setting, as opposed to some of the parties where you pay so much money and are held elsewhere.



Putting Your Party Together

I just recently did a Father’s Day party at my house and had a “Duck Dynasty” theme. This was so much fun planning and seeing it all come together.

Many of the items that I needed to decorate I managed to find around the house, that made it even easier to decorate. To keep the parties affordable other items I was able to find at dollar stores. Bring cheap party ideas to life becomes much either when you have affordable resources.

Another great party resource for party planning and party items is Party City. You can shop in store if they have a location around you or online at their website

In the end I got the family to help and dad was surprised with how well the party turned out. Really, when struggling with hard to organize a party there are no limit to the ideas you can use. I have received many kind compliments over the years for my ideas. So here I have put together some of them to share with you.

Party Ideas

Frugal Father’s Day: Here we provide a complete breakdown of our frugal party we created for Father’s day, we provide a very simple guide that can be used or tailored to meet the theme you’re striving for.

Cute Baby Shower Ideas: Our baby shower ideas section highlights many of the frugal ideas we used when planning for a recent baby shower. It provides a simple break down from food to games.

Graduation Party Ideas: These graduation party ideas are great for any recent graduate. In our graduation party section we use easily affordable items and simple to create crafts that are perfect for the frugal party thrower.

Memory Party Ideas: Memory parties are a great way to celebrate an anniversary or a milestone birthday. In our memory party section we blend the use of family heirlooms, keepsakes, and easily to obtain affordable items. Perfect for a party budget but with a beautiful outcome.


Final Word: Party Planning with Cheap Party Ideas

Its amazing how great a party can turn out with just some basically planning. The major benefit of planning your own party is the ability to save money in the process. While it might be easier to just buy a pre-made cake or rent a party location, they are also much more expensive.

At the end of the day planning a party is a cost analysis of where you can save money. Adopting cheap party ideas helps the overall budget for the party and will ultimately enable the party to be more successful.


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