Save Money with Ceiling Fan Maintenance and Cleaning

Did you know that you can save money with basic ceiling fan maintenance. We all know that ceiling fans help circulate the air around us and there can be a difference of 10 degrees from the ceiling to the floor. Using what we know about ceiling fans we can easily make minor electricity saving tips that can not only save electricity but also save money on utility bills.

Save Money with Ceiling Fan Maintenance

A good saving tip is that in the warmer months you want to set the fan to a downward setting, this allows for proper air flow for that specific season. Much like the tip in our laundry dryer section, you can use the outdoors and the season to help save you money.


How to Start Saving Energy

You may want to run the fan at a higher speed to feel more cooler. In the cooler months you can change the direction of the fan blades to a upward setting. You can than run the fan at a lower speed. Why waste all that heat that rises.

Like the old saying “Don’t throw money out the window”, that could be just what your doing! Don’t strain your budget if you don’t need to. If you have single-pane windows, which most of us do, you might want to replace them.

Investing in double-paned windows will surely save you more money in the long run. In cooler climates they make them with a coating to reduce heat loss. In warmer climates, they reduce heat gain. Double-pane windows also block out the outside noises, so not only are they energy saving but also create a more relaxing environment.

When you have windows that older they do require upkeep. If a window pane is broken fix it. If the caulk around the windows is worn off, re-caulk them. This will prevent cold air from getting in and when the air conditioner on, good cool air to escape.

Locks that are broken need to be fixed. If they don’t lock properly then there can be air escaping. Fix the lock to secure firmly. Invest in weatherstripping your windows and doors. You can purchase the kits to do yourself or hire a professional. This will save you energy too.

Weatherstripping can reduce your energy bills as much as 30%.


More Ceiling Fan and Window Energy Tips


Below are more Ceiling Fan Maintenance tips and Window tips:

–    Apply window film on patio doors and windows. Helps reduce hot spots and UV rays on wood floors and furniture.

–    Windows waste a lot of energy. Seal off any leaks. If possible get energy saving replacement windows.

–    Weather strip your windows or doors, any gap can let out good air or heat.

–    Insulate your garage doors, this also helps if there is a room above it.

–    Attic heat leaks out from the attic door, insulate the back of the door.

–    Leaky ducts can waste up to 1/3 of heating and cooling cost.

–    Upgrade attic insulation to R-30, also check if power company has a rebate.

–    Use whole house fans, there sometimes is a rebate from power company.

–    Ceiling fans in the summer should be set to turn counter-clockwise. In the winter run it at low speed but clockwise.

–    Ceiling fans can make you feel 3 or 4 degrees cooler.

–    Ceiling fans use no more energy than light bulbs. Turn off when not using, fans only cool off people not rooms.

–    Plant trees on the sunny side of home.

–    Close the damper on fireplace when not using. Can also install glass doors to keep warm air inside.

–    Portable heaters use a lot of energy. They can cost up to $100 a month if ran 24 hours a day.


Final Word: Save Money with Ceiling Fan Maintenance

Any tips that can potentially reduce your overall energy usage should always be considered, especially if your goal is to save money on energy bills. As shown above, even minor changes here and there can make a difference.

Just simple ceiling fan maintenance can make the world of difference and provide amazing electricity saving which should transcend to save money on bills, such as your energy bill.

At the very least if one or two of these ceiling fan maintenance or window tips could work, than it was worth trying out!


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