Reduce Refrigerator Cost with Energy Saving Tips

When factoring in refrigerator cost, you should take notice of the money saved on your energy bill. The refrigerator is one of our appliances that stays on 24 hours a day and it is the 2nd largest user of electricity in our homes. The air conditioner is the 1st and other appliances also contribute greatly.

Most newer refrigerators models today can use about 60% less energy than models from years ago, so a refrigerator is considered out-dated if it is more than 15 years old.

Reduce Refrigerator Cost with Energy Saving Tips


What to look for in a Refrigerator

When shopping for one, look for models that say Energy Star. Energy Star models run more efficient plus will save electricity which saves money. If you have a old fridge or freezer in your garage unplug it.

Unless it is stocked full and used a lot, you could save up to $150.00 a year by merely unplugging it.


More Refrigerator Efficiency Tips

Since the refrigerator is one of the more important appliances that heavily uses electricity, these simple refrigerator maintenance tips will be a savings boost.

You should consider using some of the following tips to save electricity:

–   Position fridge 2 inches from wall, so air can circulate. Make sure it sits level and out of direct sun light.

–   Fridge should be at 45° degrees and freezer at 18 cel.

–   Check sealing gaskets for damage and replace if needed.

–   Every few months, clean the fridge or freezer coils in the back. Also clean the air intake grill in the front.

–   Always keep food covered in fridge, when uncovered, it releases moisture which makes the compressor work harder.

–   Try not to leave the fridge or freezer door open long, this lets the cool air escape.

–   Always label food to help you get in and out quick.

–   Freeze water in gallon containers and keep in freezer to fill in empty spaces. Empty voids draw more energy.

Woman's hand in yellow glove cleaning refrigerator with blue rag


Final Word: Reduce Refrigerator Cost with Energy Tips

Many of these tips will save electricity and can go a long way to saving you both on your monthly energy bills but also in the long term. Keeping your appliances running properly with minor refrigerator maintenance and in this case making refrigerator cost a priority, will extend their lifetime and save you money.

Think about it, most households use their water heaters, ovens, air conditioners, laundry dryers and ceiling fans almost daily. Now imagine how much can be saved by merely making small changes to each appliance. In this case the refrigerator has shown that there are many small changes which could potentially save energy and reduce that energy bill.

If your oven has a energy star rating it will save electricity and save you money. These products are rated to run more efficiently. They use less energy and this saves you more money and is good for the environment. You can find energy star rating for other appliances, such as the refrigerator, laundry dryer, air conditioner or your water heater.


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