DIY Nightstand Plans Step by Step

These DIY nightstand plans are simple to follow. So I’ve had this night stand forever and I finally got around to refurbishing it. The stand is well made wood with a white finished top but the original stain on it was looking a bit rough, so it was time for a redo. I first decided what shade I was going with for my paint selection and I picked a soft light shade of blue as my paint color.

Sometimes just a new paint job gives new life to an old piece and we all have that piece of furniture that could use a makeover. I’m glad I decided to redo mine, not to mention this can save you money verses buying a brand new one. Besides, this now looks brand new.

diy nightstand plans


Items Needed

  • Sandpaper
  • Gloves
  • Primer
  • Paint and brushes
  • Knob



  1. First wipe down the night stand to remove any dust and dirt.
  2. Sand away old stain or paint. Wear mask to protect from fumes.
  3. Brush on a coat of primer and let dry completely.
  4. Paint on a coat of paint and let dry completely.
  5. Check to see if a second coat of paint is needed. Apply if needed.
  6. When dry attach a new knob.


 Final Word: DIY Nightstand Plans

For only a few dollars I had purchased an updated knob from a local craft store. I went with a silver mercury look as I love items that have that mercury finish on them. Such finishes really seems to be the in style look these days. I think it really gave my nightstand a finished touch. Craft stores carry so many options for decorating and really make it easy to pick out just the right accessories to finish your projects. Not to mention there is always a big selection to go with your color scheme. I could not make up my mind. I had also tried a shiny black knob and that looked good too but either way now I have both and can change it out when I change my decor.

Just a simple changing of a drawer knob can make a difference in your decorating.

I decided to keep the original white top finish on my stand as it was in good shape and gives the nightstand some contrast. I like the light shade of blue that I went with and it gives it a clean look. I’m so glad I finally finished this plain old nightstand, just a few coats of paint and a new look is born.