11 Ways to Buy Cheap Movie Tickets

Understanding how to buy cheap movie tickets will make your theater-going experience even more enjoyable! The movie experience can already cost you a pretty penny, especially with ticket price rising to record heights in recent years (Deadline). Just taking advantage of a few of these tips could save you a small fortune in movie tickets. Better yet this allows you the opportunity to see more movies now that tickets will be very affordable!

Though you would still be wise to avoid any horrible movies, this is coming from someone who actually paid to see Batman & Robin in the 90’s! Still no living down that one.

11 Ways to Buy Cheap Movie Tickets


1.) Buy cheap movie tickets in bulk

A tale as old as time. Buying in bulk can always save you more long term. I know it sucks to drop a lot of money at once but think about it this way, at Costco you can get 4 movie tickets for $36. When you consider that prime time movie tickets can run north of $13 a ticket, you see how quickly you can save. Would you rather pay $52 for 4 tickets or $36? Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, and BJ’s are just some of the places you can buy movie tickets in bulk.


2.) Email Deals

AMC, Regal, even your local theaters often have email alerts or promotions that are sent directly to you. Recently the local theater by me emailed a promotion whereby you would show them your code and get a free ticket. Otherwise my ticket would’ve run me $10. See, it pays to sign up for those newsletters!

Cinemark offers weekly email deals that range from free concession items, ticket promotions, and special screening events.


3.) Donate blood for free tickets

You will literally be trading blood for movie tickets, sounds crazy, right? Actually, many movie theaters partner with One Blood and other humanitarian organizations to promote blood donation in exchange for free movie tickets.

This may not sound like the most enjoyable method to obtaining cheaper movie tickets but donating blood is desperately needed. Today, fewer than 4 of every 10 people in the U.S. are eligible to give blood. Fewer than 1 in 10 actually donate. Approximately 1 out of every 7 people entering the hospital needs blood. One donation has the potential to save as many as 3 lives. (Blood Source).


4.) Find a local ‘cheap’ theater

Where you find one large chain movie theater you’ll often find small local theaters that offer showings for as low as half the price. The only major setback is that many tend to feature movies a week or two after they’ve released at major chain theaters. So if you don’t mind waiting this could be one of the more affordable options around.


5.) Go in the morning or afternoon

Matinee (morning and afternoon) ticket prices are much less than prime time (evening) prices are, sometimes as much of a 50% difference in ticket prices. Just attending a movie after lunch as opposed to diner could make the difference of half your ticket price. This also comes in handy if you prefer a quieter movie experience or like having your pick of the seating. For a quiet, more private movie experience, the best time to attend the movies is to go are either early in the day or to the very latest showing in the evening on Monday through Wednesday. (Lifehacker).


6.) Buy Cheap Theater Gift Cards

Surprisingly, there is a vibrant market in people selling gift cards they won’t use. Giftcardgranny.com is one of the premier websites out there where you can buy and sell gift cards for a discounted price. You can buy cheap theater gift cards there at reduced rates as high as 30% off. When you consider your next 6 or so movie trips, 30% off adds up very quickly.


7.) Take advantage of Student/Senior discounts

Practically every movie theater out there offers some sort of discount for seniors. Senior discounts can range from 25% to 60% off the standard ticket prices (Senior Discounts). With student discounts, you might need to check with the theater ahead of time to clarify if they offer a student discount. You can also check with your local community college or university to see what local discounts are offered.


8.) Drive-In Movies are still a thing

The reports of their demise were greatly exaggerated. Drive-In movies are still around and often cost much less than traditional movie theaters. Some can run as cheap as $15 for a car load of people. Better yet, many let you take snacks in with you! Driveinmovie.com has one of the most current databases of drive-in movie theaters that are still in operation.


9.) Rewards cards/programs

Almost every movie theater chain, even local theaters, have some sort of reword program.

Here are a few of the more popular programs:


AMC Stubs

Regal Crown

Atom Tickets

Cinemark App

Regal Mobile


10.) Alternate who pays for tickets

This may not sound like the best option since either way you’re still paying the same amount, however there are some benefits to this method. You can plan for when its your turn to pay and take advantage of current promotions. You can also set money aside little-by-little to cover the cost.


11.) Consider Waiting

You wont need to worry about needing to buy cheap movie tickets if you don’t even need them! I understand how very anticlimactic this option may seem but waiting for a movie to come out on DVD or Blu-ray is certainly a much cheaper option. Especially with Red Box kiosks and video on demand streaming services. Better yet you might actually end up avoiding wasting money to see a movie that isn’t the cost of a ticket. Unfortunately, I had to learn this lesson the hard way after paying to see Batman & Robin.


Final Word: 11 Ways to Buy Cheap Movie Tickets

Knowing how to buy cheap movie tickets can save you much more on your movie outings. Actually, when I starting using these methods I found myself attending the movies more because it became so affordable. Even if you’re not the biggest moviegoer you probably know someone who is. It may not benefit you directly but treating someone to affordable movie tickets is still a great experience that often makes the perfect gift. Especially when you know a movie they are looking forward to is coming out. I personally know a few people who are obsessed with the Star Wars franchise and make sure to set them up with cheap tickets before the release date.



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