Dry Skin Remedies and Cures

These simple dry skin remedies¬†will provide an all-natural solution to your dry skin needs. If you’re plagued with dry or rough skin you should consider natural homemade solution to cure the ailment.

Homemade facials are also a great way to save money and if you use natural ingredients they can be more healthy for your skin.

Dry Skin Remedies

First you must determine what type skin you have. Is it dry? Is it oily? or it it combination or sensitive? You want to use products that are geared for your skin type, even dry flaky skin. This way you will achieve the best possible results. As with any products you put on your skin you should always check for any allergic reactions.

Lets proceed to some of the Dry Skin remedies.


Avocado Mask

Dry Skin Cures

1/2 avocado

1/4 cup honey

Take the avocado and slice in half. Use a spoon to scoop out the insides into a bowl. Mash the avocado well. Then add the honey and stir well. Apply to your face, leave on about 5-10 minutes then remove with washcloth and warm water. The avocados and honey are rich in moisturizing. Honey is also a natural cleanser.

Always use tepid or warm water to rinse never hot water. It dries out your skin. Never dry your skin completely, pat it dry with a towel. Then follow up with a moisturizer to seal in moisture. Dry flaky skin can also be a sign of a deficiency in nutrients. You may need more intake of oily fish or a supplement of essential fatty acids to fully cure dry flaky skin conditions.

Altogether, This is one of the very simple but effective homemade facials.


Oatmeal Mask


1/2 cup Milk

2 tbs Oatmeal

Mix together and cook until it thickens over a medium heat. Add in a few drops of honey. Let mask cool down some til it feels comfortable. Apply to face and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with tepid water.

The milk is good for hydration. It has lactic acid in it that softens dry skin. In my beauty class we took cotton balls and dipped them into some left over milk and applied to the backs of our hands and elbows.

Like most of our tips for dry skin this one is so simple and natural. Just let it dry and do it’s magic, say goodbye to extremely dry skin!


Brown Sugar Scrub


1 tbs Brown Sugar
1 tsp Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

This scrub can be used for all skin types.

Mix together and apply to face with fingertips. Making circular motions all over face. Don’t get to close to eye area, the skin is more delicate here. This scrub will slough off any dry skin that just sits on the face. Our pores get clogged from make up and pollution everyday.

Using this scrub once a week should help your pores and your skin will feel so clean and refreshed! Remember to use sugar in your homemade facials, it is more gentle than salt. This is a wonderful dry skin cure with simple natural ingredients.


Final Word: Dry Skin Remedies

These simple home remedies for dry skin can be done with little money and often little effort. Using these recipes you’ll truly know what is being put on your skin, rather than rolling-the-dice with generic store products you can create these recipes yourself and take the natural approach.

Many people suffer from extremely dry skin and many fail to fully cure their dry skin, these natural recipes are worth trying. If anything for the fact they are cost efficient. WebMD actually highlights many of the traditional causes of dry skin.

Imagine using one of these recipes and curing yourself of dry skin without having to invest money in costly dry skin products solid at retail stores.


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